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I created this post since it seems many people out there don't understand how the current lockouts work and how getting saved affects the raid and why it is kinda selfish and impolite towards other raiders to get saved before the guild run. This post is targeted to all raiders in this guild that are considered members of a core raiding group.

Since the new lockouts were introduced you can kill bosses on normal and heroic difficulty as many times a week as you want to. You get saved only for loot, which means if you kill the boss once you will not be eligible to obtain a loot from that boss again during the same week.

How does this affect the raid if you are saved? Here is the answer:

Each person in the raid who is not saved brings 20% chance of a loot drop and that means 5 people have 100% chance for 1 item to drop. If 1 person of these 5 is saved for specific boss this group of 5 people has 20% chance of not getting any loot at all.

You could ask: what if I get the loot from the pug I did? Don't we all benefit from the item I got?

And the answer is that we do benefit from ur higher ilvl but at the same time why should you be a special snowflake that can go somewhere else get the loot without getting GP and then come to guild raids and reduce the drop chance for people you play with in the guild? Not mentioning that if a BiS drops next raid and u have the highest prio (cause you geared up outside of the guild raids earlier) you will most probably take the item. Which is not fair to other players who committed their time to raid with the same group.

It gets worse when you go for a pug, you kill bosses but you don't get loot. Then it is just a pure waste. You didn't get loot and u take the drop chance away from other players in the raid. Is that fair that you reduced other people's chances cause you decided to go for a pug and contribute to other people's success?

Another scenario would be: You go for a pug cause you think that we (as a guild) will not kill that specific boss this week. That way you show other guildies that you think they are bad and you are much better than them and u deserve more. I know you might say "I don’t think that way" but it's the way you show them even if you don't mean to.

Such attitude is far from positive and does not help us progress as a guild nor as a community.

Another question is what is so tempting in experiencing the content with random people in a pug without voice communication? Does it really feel so great to just kill the boss? I think people gather in guilds to achieve something TOGETHER and experience the content TOGETHER. I might be wrong though, maybe numbers on wowprogress and ilvl shown on your armory are much more important.

We as guild leaders and officers can't really forbid people to go for pugs because they will probably do it anyway. But when you’re part of the core raiding team, we expect you to be mature and respectful of your other guild/raid members and not to cause drama related to this topic in the future.

If you still wish to pug content on your main character before guild raids, and wish to join the main raids, you will be getting GP for loot you get from pugs and no EP for bosses you killed while pugging.


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