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re: Ko'Ragh


Fight Overview:
During Ko'ragh encounter you will face the boss and one type of adds. In this single-phase fight, the raid has to remove Ko'ragh absorption shield in order to force him to go to the middle and recharge it. During this 20s recharging period, one of the players has to stand in the middle with the boss, gaining the shield of his own. When he's ready, his task will be to stand in the green pools on the ground (the ball of energy will fall there). When the boss is recharging, number of adds will spawn. The raid should let the tank get them all and kite them into one of the void zones that spawn on random players during the encounter. The adds should be killed only while they stand inside of the void zone, so any stuns and rooting abilities will come in handy.


Nulification Barrier- boss has an absorption shield that gives him stackable buff called Breaker's Strength. When he looses the barrier he goes to the middle of the room to regenerate it.

Breaker's Strength - buffs boss with 6% more damage a stack and it gains 1 stack per 10 seconds. It disappears when Nulification Barrier is gone.

Overflowing Energy - energy balls that fall from the ceiling dealing high raid-wide damage when they hit the ground. They should be soaked by a player with Nulification Barrier.

Suppresion Field - Ko'ragh charges random player's location dealing high damage in 8 yard radius. He spawns a void-zone that silences and deals damage. Volatile Anomalies (adds) have to be killed inside of this void-zone.

Expel Magic: Fire - 10 second fire damage DoT that explodes when it expires. Explosion has 5yards range. Can be dispelled but causes DoT to explode instantly.

Expel Magic: Arcane - boss applies a debuff on the tank that increases his damage taken by 100%. Apart from that affected player marks his position with exploding void zone. Tank with this debuff has to run away from group. Requires tank-switch.

Expel Magic: Frost - Ko'ragh creates a moving frozen orb that lasts for 20 seconds slowing down and damaging all players in 20yard radius. 

Expel Magic: Shadow - debuff applied on random raid members that absorbs healing.


For All:
Watch your debuffs. Dont stand in Suppresion Field. Keep 5yd distance to other players while affected by Expel Magic: Fire. Don't go close to tank affected by Exmpel Magic: Arcane. Don't stand close to Expel Magic: Frost. Never stand in the middle when boss looses his barrier if u are not assigned to do so.

Perform tank-switch on Expel Magic: Arcane. Gather adds and kite them into Suppresion Field. Don't stand in Suppresion Field yourself.

Heal people affected by Expel Magic: Shadow (preferably 1 healing CD). Heal players that are assigned to get Nulification Barrier.

Dps down Volatile Anomalies ONLY if they are inside the Suppresion Field. Keep dpsing boss when he gathers the shield. If assigned to get Nulification Barrier stand in the middle when boss gets his shield up. Players with Nulification Barrier has to stand in green pools on the ground to soak the damage from Overflowing Energy.

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